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Colene Clemens Vineyards

Meet our Team! 

Stephen Goff
Winemaker & Vineyard Manager

Steve is one of those kind-hearted individuals. He is always eager to talk wine and will frequently stop in the tasting room to say hi to guests and answer questions if he isn’t too busy. We would say his super power is making wine, but that’s too easy. His super power is his amazing ability to connect with dogs. From saving stray dogs out in the vineyard and giving them a fur-ever home to training puppies how to be avid vineyard dogs, Steve is the ultimate dog whisperer. In his free time, Steve enjoys NOT camping (why sleep on the ground when you can sleep in a comfortable bed?), and he’s a secret yogi—he loves to do yoga. Also, fun fact: he is a Leap Baby, so he is 11-years old. 

Sirpa Peacock
Operations Manager

Sirpa loves wine for the most practical reason: “It’s delicious, and varied, and delicious, and makes me happy.” She has been in the wine industry for twelve years, and she is our resident master of all trades. From building websites to catering, she’s always there with a solution to everything. One can also spot Sirpa doing the heavy lifting at the winery; her super power is super strength. If anyone needs something moved, she comes to the rescue and moves the object just by looking at it. And maybe by using a forklift. In her free time, Sirpa loves to snuggle with her two Shiba Inus, garden, and she dabbles in winemaking. Oh, and her spirit animal is a unicorn, so there are always rainbow sparkles everywhere.

Abigail Batiuk
Tasting Room & Events Manager

Abigail became interested in wine through culinary and catering; food and wine pairing is one of her favorite things to do. Her super power is simple: she cannot stop smiling. When you visit the winery, you’ll wonder how a person could ever smile as much as she does. Abigail has been in the wine industry for four years, and she is constantly humbled and excited by all there is to learn about wine. She hopes to begin studying for her WSET Level 4 Diploma soon. Between planning a visit to Westeros and studying wine, Abigail loves to birdwatch. She also enjoys spontaneous trips to Whidbey Island, exploring culinary treasures in Portland, and, of course, wine tasting.

Dyana Thomas
National Sales Manager

Dyana’s opinion on wine says it best: “As our lives become more digital I think connections to real places and real people become more important. I love how wine brings people together and connects them to a specific time and place. I enjoy the intersection of science, art, geology and history. And at the end of the day you get to drink it!” Her super power is Directness; she’ll tell you how it is, and she’s not afraid to go after what she believes in. Vision is her motto: “keep the destination in mind and take small steps every day to get there.” She enjoys snowboarding, she loves wine, and she is Mom to our little vineyard pup, Oso. 

Hermas Castillo
Vineyard Foreman

Hermas has been a part of the Colene Clemens team since the very beginning. As Steve’s right-hand man, he does everything. Literally everything. From planting the vines and helping make wine to bringing a smile to everyone’s face and helping out wherever he can, Hermas never stops. In fact, that’s his super power: he gets work done! In his free time, Hermas says he likes to, “Just be. And be happy.” Basically, he has the kindest heart and everyone loves him.

Cherie Potsklan
Tasting Room Associate

The queen of the tasting room, Cherie is our resident “Mama Bear.” She has been working in the wine industry for ten years, and she knows everyone in the industry. Her super power is “Hearing when glasses are empty,” so everyone can rest assured knowing Cherie is on her way to save the day with the next wine. Because of her hysterical sense of humor, she’ll have everyone—both guests and staff—laughing by the end of a tasting. In her spare time, Cherie loves going to the farmers market, eating tomatoes (SO many tomatoes), and drinking wine.  

Lucas Ehrhard
Tasting Room Associate

Imagine voyaging to Portland, Oregon, and meeting a young gentleman with a bushy beard in an obscure wine bar sipping on Palo Cortado Sherry. This is Lucas. The best part? He was born and raised in Chicago, and he has more manners than Prince William. His brain is an encyclopedia, and his super power is being able to explain a myriad of vineyard facts to the unsuspecting individual. He loves wine, and his passion lies in winemaking; he hopes to create his own spectacular wine one day. In his free time, Lucas enjoys gardening, baking exquisitely fluffy bread, and playing bass and guitar.

Calais Cooper
Tasting Room Associate

Calais got into the wine industry by chance; one of her friends asked her if she wanted to work at a wine bar, and, even though she had no experience with wine at the time, the owners loved her and asked her to work for them. As she worked, her passion for wine grew, and now she couldn’t imagine herself in any other field. Her super power? “Business in the Front, Party in the Back.” She’s the least rambunctious of the bunch at work, but she’s always down to head into Portland for a night on the town. In her free time, she loves to work out, get outside, and read. She will finish her Wine Business degree from Chemeketa this Spring, and her dream is to start a mobile wine bar one day.

Jessica Trento
Tasting Room Associate

After spending many years in the movie industry, Jessica wanted a “Vino Start.” Drawn to the artistry behind winemaking and the delightful experiences the wine community offers, Jessica began her career in the wine and catering industry fifteen years ago. She also dedicated her time to professional dog walking. Her secret power is peacefulness; she has a very calming demeanor towards everyone she meets. In her free time, she enjoys drinking wine, eating scrumptious food, studying art and nature, and she’s a big fan of pop culture. In fact, in an alternate universe, she would definitely be a Go-Go Dancer.

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